7 Best movie theaters in philadelphia, PA


Whether you want a big blockbuster or a moving Indian Nollywood, find it the best movie theaters that Philadelphia has to offer

This big city has no shortage of film houses. In fact, there are so many movie theaters that it becomes difficult to choose which theater to attend. Movie lovers can choose from many theaters that offer everything from full-service screening experiences to relaxing, low-key havens. With kids or for the no-kids crowd, Philadelphia has all sorts of theaters for everyone.

Just searching for the phrase movie houses in Philadelphia will provide you with multiple results. You will have to answer several questions before coming up with the final answer on which theater to visit. This article will discuss some of the best film houses in Philly. Please keep on reading.

Ritz Five

Located in Old City near Penn’s Landing, Ritz Five theater is perfectly set to give you a lifetime cinema experience. History shows that it opened its gates in 1976 and is regarded as one of the first Philadelphia theaters to bring arthouse films to Philadelphia. Its primary goal is to allow Philadelphians to see the best Hollywood blockbusters and independent films, foreign films, and documentaries.

The theater is opened seven days a week and has some excellent discounts. For example, if you show before 6:00 pm, you will enjoy a discounted price for your preferred movie. Order your tickets online and enjoy your film before everyone gets talking about it.

Brawn Mawr Film Institute

Brawn Mawr Film Institute

Initially referred to as Seville Theater, Brawn Mawr Film Institute has become a cinematic institution. The film house offers a wide range of films from different genres, eras, and countries. Even if you’ve seen these movies, it’s worth turning out to experience them again while sitting in the audience of an iconic theater.

Reviewers describe it as a classic, timeless film theater with a friendly staff. Visitors are also allowed to enjoy personal introductions that frequently occur before a film airs. Aside from showing independent films, Bran Mawr Film Institute prides itself on being one of the few places in the United States with a film education program for adults.

Hiway Theater

Having opened its doors in 1913 as Jenkintown Auditorium, Hiway Theater has remained true to its vintage character. The film house is the home to independent and classic films that are aired in a single-screen venue with a small concession stand. Moviegoers can also have virtual discussions with filmmakers and enjoy outdoor screening events at Abington Art Center. Their price for tickets is fair, and visitors can enjoy a great selection of beautiful movies.

Prince Theater

Located in the city’s heart, Prince Theater is the home to the largest movie screen in Philadelphia. The theater was opened in 1921. Its amenities are standard, with comfortable seats that give visitors a unique experience. This film house is also famous for premiering various Hollywood movies, including Adam’s Rib in 1949 that attracted a large audience.

Prince Theater also acts as a hub for the Philadelphia film festival. The activity brings in unique activities like trivia nights and monthly local film showcases. The theater is also famous for its two main stages, namely the main stage and black box theater, where people can enjoy live performances and movie screenings.

Cinemark University City Penn 6


What could be better than a movie film house showing all the latest blockbusters in your neighborhood? Located a few meters from the University of Pennsylvania, the Cinemark University City Penn 6 luxury movie theater offers one of the best cinema halls in Philadelphia where guests can enjoy a new movie on a big screen. Guests can book their seats in advance, avoiding rushing for a good spot at the last hours. The theater is also very clean and has a good team of staff to guide moviegoers in all aspects.

Tuttleman IMAX Theater

The Tuttleman IMAX Theater is a film house that is genuinely unique in several ways. Unlike other film houses that are 180 degrees encompassing, Tuttleman IMAX screens are also tilted at 30 degrees to give visitors a better view. Besides, its 20,000 watts of amplifier power and more than 50 speakers make you feel like you are a part of the action.

AMC Loews Cherry Hill 24

AMC Loews Cherry Hill 24, located in Cherry Hill Mall, is one of the many film halls in Philadelphia and is responsible for revolutionizing this entertainment industry by bringing in innovations. Visitors can enjoy armchair cup holders and stadium seating as they watch their movie, which is relaxing. The theater operates on a foundational principle of excellent service. Movie lovers can also enjoy independent film exhibitions, sensory-friendly films, and private party rooms.