Best Community Theater in Philadelphia


Community theaters are integral in any community or state. Philadelphia ranks among the states that have some of the best theaters in the country.

Community theaters are integral in any community or state as it is through these theaters that people get the opportunity to learn more about their culture through music, art, play, or dance. An integral aspect of community-based theaters is that they bring people from different walks of life together for a common goal which is to learn and enjoy the entertainment offered. Even though there are numerous theaters where people can spend time and get entertained, the best community theater in Philadelphia is the Arden Theater Company.

History of the Arden Theater Company

The Arden Theater Company is a community theater near me and one of the most visited in Philadelphia. Founded in 1988, the theater has been at the forefront in bringing to life imaginary and real-life stories through its storytellers and actors. This community musical theater began its first set of musical performances at the famous 70-seat Walnut Street Theater Studio. As one of the earliest theaters in the region, Arden Theater was hailed by many as a game-changer and as a welcome addition to the Philadelphia community. After two seasons of entertaining Philadelphia communities, the 70-seat Street Theater Studio was upgraded to 150 seats through a partnership the theater management had with St. Stephen’s Performing Arts Center. In 1995, and after five seasons, the 150-seat capacity theater was upgraded to a 50,000 square-foot building. Since then, the building has been undergoing various renovations. Currently, the theater has a main stage that can comfortably accommodate 360 people. Additionally, there is a studio theater which can accommodate 175 people. Other departments that can hold guests are the Independence Foundation Studio, classroom space, a bi-level lobby with a box office, and numerous production offices. The upgrade of the theater has seen significant growth not only in the theater but also in the Philadelphia community, which relies on this theater and others for entertainment and recreation purposes.



For more than three decades, the Arden Theater Company has produced more than 90 professional attires, with 24 being regarded as world premiers. Some of its most famous production include “A Doll’s House,” “Charlotte’s Web,” “Peter Pan,” “Snow White,” and “The Light Princess.” As the theater strives to be a local and global leader in theater production, there is a high probability that more shows will follow. For example, the Independence Foundation New Play Showcase, which was launched in 1999, aims to oversee the staging of new plays every season. Additionally, free public reading and workshops that coincide with the latest plays have also been launched through the foundation.


To anyone interested in catching a glimpse of their favorite plays or musical performances, this theater offers a wide range of tickets to choose from. These tickets include main stage tickets, children’s theater tickets, and group tickets. Discounts and gift certificates are also provided to attendees. These tickets are issued based on subscriptions, and users can choose from the subscription options offered.

Philanthropy and Community Support

The theater has an educational program whose primary purpose is to offer unmatched educational concepts to anyone interested in learning arts. These educational programs are provided at the Arden Drama School, online, teen Arden, and classrooms. Through such an educational program, this musical theater has been able to identify and grow talent. Additionally, the theater has supported upcoming artisans through its grants. This has played a vital role in ensuring the talent exhibited by different people does not go to waste. Consequently, through its workshops, such as the Spring Break Workshop, this theater has been able to offer learning workshops through Zoom online meetings. However, for learners to participate, they must have access to an internet-connected tablet, phone, or computer.

The theater has also received unmatched support from various organizations such as the Anne M. & Phillip H. Glatfelter III Family Foundation, Hamilton Family Charitable Trust, Rosenthal Family Foundation, and The Harold & MIMI Steinberg Charitable Trust.


As a company that has been in production since 1998, it should not come as a surprise that this theater has been accredited and recognized for its societal input. For instance, the company has been awarded numerous awards, such as 4 Theater Company of the Year awards, 6 Philadelphia City Paper Reader’s Choice awards, and 8 Best of Philly awards. In addition, from a nominations perspective, the theater has received more than 250 nominations as well as 53 awards from the Barrymore Awards for Excellence in Theater.