Best Cultural Activities in Philadelphia

This go-to guide covers the best cultural activities in Philadelphia. Determine the attractions you don’t want to miss. If you live in Philly, or if you plan to visit, consider this your must-view reference of cultural activities. Each of these activities is perfect for people of all ages. Learn about Philadelphia’s top museums. Plan your visit(s) to national historical landmarks near Philadelphia, and within the city, too. Also, know which food you must try. The city has so much culture to offer. Make sure you soak up the right experiences. 

You have many cultural activities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from which to choose. If you reside in Philly, or if you look to visit The City of Brotherly Love, pay attention to these three tips.

While in Philadelphia, this list will help you make the most of your time. Even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, you can enjoy this Pennsylvania city. You can watch professional sports, shop at amazing businesses, visit the nation’s first zoo, and walk just about any and everywhere. Best of luck with your planning and enjoy Philly!

3 Tips to Enjoy the Best Cultural Activities in Philadelphia

1. Consider these Top Museums

Schedule in time to visit the Museum of the American Revolution. This Philadelphia gem offers ongoing changing exhibitions, which are stellar. You can even view actual items used by the nation’s leaders of liberation. For example, museum visitors can check out an actual war tent used by the country’s first president, George Washington.

If you’re into science, then head to The Franklin Institute. Named after Founding Father and co-author of the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin, this museum is perfect for all ages. They even have an exhibit dedicated to the creativity and science behind Crayola.

It’s tough to narrow the list of museums down to three. Be certain, though, to schedule time for the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In existence since the 1800s, today, still, the museum has one of the most coveted art collections. You can view pieces by Monet, O’keefe, Rembrandt, Warhol, and many other acclaimed artists, too.

2. Check out these National Historic Landmarks near Philadelphia


She was the hands behind the first American flag. Betsy Ross had 16 siblings, but after sewing Old Glory, she definitely stood out! To learn more about this American Icon, visit the Betsy Ross House. It’s full of national treasures, and so much cool information. Plus, it’s very interactive.

Part of the National Park Service, Independence Hall is another must-visit spot. You and your guests can learn historical information about various historic documents. In 1776, the Declaration of Independence was crafted there. And in 1787, leaders of the new nation gathered there to write the United States Constitution. When in Philadephia, PA, be certain to check out Independence Hall.

When deciding which national historic landmarks near Philadelphia to visit, make time for The Liberty Bell. Nobody absolutely can explain why the bell has its famous crack, but the National Park Service provides guests with all kinds of fascinating information. Did you know that the bell was named by abolitionists against slavery?

3. Don't Forget to Taste the Culinary Treats

Philadelphia is certain to please your taste buds! The city has some incredible restaurants. Head to any of the four Philly-area locations for Santucci’s Original Square Pizza. The pies are cooked in square pans, and the sauce is poured on top of the cheese.

You can’t go to Philadelphia and not eat a cheesesteak. And less than 200 feet from one another, these two iconic eateries are your best bets. First, let’s look at Geno’s Steaks. This cash-only restaurant is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The menu isn’t large, but the tastes are huge.

Geno’s rival across the street, Pat’s King of Steaks also is open 24/7. The menu there is small, too, but it also doesn’t disappoint. You might as well visit both of these tasty spots!

Remember these Three Suggestions

Go ahead and bookmark this page. That way, in the future, you more easily can reference this list. If you have family or friends, who will be in Philly with you, go ahead, too, and share this information with them.

No matter which above suggestion(s) you prioritize, you should be able to really enjoy the Philadelphia experience. And while you’re there, also check with the locals to make sure you visited the must-see spots. Enjoy your time in The City of Brotherly Love!

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