Best Home Security Companies in Philadelphia, PA

Best Home Security Companies in Philadelphia, PA


Finding the best home security company in Philadelphia is as easy as a few clicks on your computer. You can choose from a list of security providers based on location, pricing, quality of services, and more. Numerous Philadelphia companies offer these services. It might be difficult for you to decide which are best in providing security at home, but it can be done with a bit of effort. You first need to make a list of security providers based on certain factors to avoid choosing the wrong one. Here are 5 of the top-ranked security companies in Philly:

Kastle Systems

Location -2325 Fairmount Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Kastle Systems is one of the best home security systems installation firms based in Philadelphia. It also has13 offices around the country and four more worldwide. The company is also a leading provider of outsourcing electronic access and security services.

Such as installation, design, and maintenance to commercial offices and domestic use. They specialize in offering smart home devices. As control systems, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and cloud-based surveillance cameras are among the services provided by the company.

Which primarily serves commercial and industrial clients. Kastle Systems offers 24-hour security monitoring and reports on everything that happens in their clients’ buildings. From the most critical to the least important.

Linked Alarm

Location – 505 Keystone Road
Southampton, PA 18966

Linked Alarm can offer you the best home security systems and convenience. Their wide range of security solutions can include remote monitoring, keypad access control. Professional locksmiths make digital keypads and customized locks: touch screen security, video surveillance, PC access control, and more.

You’ll also benefit from their experienced support staff that strives to build you a security system designed with you in mind. If you’re interested in expanding your firm’s surveillance domain, Linked Alarm can help. They provide a full range of authorized surveillance equipment and smart home devices for indoor and outdoor surveillance.

Tavor Security Solutions

Location – 9 E Eagle Rd
Havertown, PA 19083

For those in the greater Philadelphia area looking for security cameras, Tavor Security Solutions cameras may be the option for you. Tavor Security Solutions cameras come in several options. Including indoor, outdoor, and spy camera models.

Tavor Security Solutions provides state of the art cabling and access control technology to their clients. What’s more, their cameras are the best compared to other home security companies.

Many of the Tavor security systems come with hard-wired units. However, there are also many wireless options to choose from. With one of the best security companies in Philadelphia, you want peace of mind that you have added security to your home or business property. Without having to invest a lot of money.

Tri County Alarms

Location – Warminster, PA 18974

Tri-County Alarms is also one of the best home security companies. It was founded over 20 years ago. From added protection from intruders to monitored security cameras. As well as fire and video emergency response. As well as locks installed by professionals and personally monitored alarm systems. You can have what you want so you can all live in peace of mind at home.

The company installs audio and video surveillance, smoke and heat detectors. And alarm systems controlled from a single keypad for residential and commercial clients. Tri-County Alarms keeps a constant eye on its clients’ security systems and send out emergency response teams as needed.

Smart Tech Solutions


Location – North East
Philadelphia, PA 19114

Smart Tech Solutions is one of the home security companies that serves residential and commercial customers in Philadelphia. As well as the surrounding areas. The security company provides surveillance cameras, intrusion alarms. And access control systems capable of restricting access to certain areas in office buildings.

It also offers to track team member locations that are all installed in the properties of the company’s clients. Key cards, PIN codes, mobile devices, and biometric fingerprint scanners are all used in these systems.


Hopefully, these tips will help you find the best home security system for your home. Remember that you only get one chance to protect your family, so make sure you do the best you can. It is also essential that you keep up to date with your security provider. The best home security companies in Philadelphia are the ones that keep their customers very happy. You never know when a burglar will strike, and if you don’t protect your home now, it may be too late. Please don’t take chances. Protect yourself today before it’s too late.

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