Best Neighborhoods to Live in the Philadelphia Area

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Best Neighborhoods to Live in the Philadelphia Area

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Philadelphia: A City With Great Places To Live and Enjoy

Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in the United States. In 1682 the city of Brotherly Love was founded and incorporated in 1701. Brotherly Love was founded and incorporated in 1701. It’s the first planned city and built on a grid, meaning the city’s layout of streets follows parallel lines that form squares or rectangles. Founded by William Penn, a Quaker, it represented a seat or the Quaker Colony. The Declaration of Independence is signed by the Founding Fathers on a hot summer in July. It boasts many historic sites for residents and tourists alike. There’s Betsy Ross’ House, The Franklin Institute named after Benjamin Franklin who introduced The Free Library, the concept of a fire dept, newspaper printing, theories of electricity and many other inventions.

Philadelphia’s neighborhoods vary as much as the residents of the area. Because it is an old and historic city, the present day city planners have tried to merge new modern changes without destroying many of the valuable and historical buildings, and treasures this city offers. Philadelphia offers a multitude of areas for living, working, or raising a family. The best neighborhoods to live in in Philadelphia include Society Hill, Old City, Manayunk, and Chestnut Hill. Each represents the city life residents appreciate. These are a few of the exciting sections in the City of Brotherly. All neighborhoods in Philadelphia have access to a well-connected transportation system. Trains run north and sound, east and west. Buses pick up passengers on street corners no more than a quarter of a mile or usually one to 2 city blocks from their homes. Bicycle lanes and sidewalks also help with getting around the city.

Society Hill is home to the AME Mother Bethel Church, The tomb of an Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier, and many historical monuments. It showcases beautiful townhouses, hotels, and plenty of places to dine. It is one of the oldest parts of Philadelphia and the nation. It was revitalized in the mid-high 20th century. The brick streets and Georgian and Federal architecture increased its population, popularity, and poshness. Queen’s Village which lies east of Society is often mentioned along with Society Hill. It is considered the first and oldest suburb of Philadelphia but wasn’t incorporated into the city until 1854.

Old City, located south of downtown Philadelphia is listed as one of the safest places to live in Philadelphia. This neighborhood along with Society has many historical venues including Independence Hall (the United States Declaration and the United States Constitution were adopted. Both of these neighborhoods are close to Penn’s Landing, another historical venue that is located on the Delaware River and separatesPennsylvania from and New Jersey. George Washington and his soldiers came down the Delaware River to attack a Hessian garrison in Trenton, New Jersey. Penn’s Landing is a major drawing point for July 4th celebrations, museums, shops, bars, and just plain walking or jogging along the pier.

Other best neighborhoods to live in in Philadelphia include Manayunk. This is a neighborhood located on the Schuylkill River. It is known as a working-class area, however, in the decades it has been attracting young, professional working residents. This community hosts many breweries, restaurants, boutiques, and condominiums, and The Manayunk Arts Festival which brings artists from the tri-state area.

Finally, Chestnut Hill is one of the safest places to live and the best places to live in Philadelphia. It is one of the wealthiest areas in the city. The area looks like a well-kept village. The mansions and well-built, elegant homes attack old and young. The excellent restaurants are numerous and historical monuments preserved and appreciated by residents and tourists.

Although crime has increased in Philadelphia, the mayor, city council, and community leaders try to improve the standard of living for those seemingly left behind. Programs for those left behind whether they lack a high school diploma or lack the hope after spending time in prison may bring a change to many who wish to join the revitalization in this authentic, treasure-filled city.

The best place to live in Philadelphia is based on an individual’s needs and desires. If someone is looking for a great school all of the communities listed have a sound educational system. All of these locations offer curb appeal. Many appreciate the transportation system whether subways or buses. These communities are not more than ten to thirty minutes from downtown Philadelphia. These communities have some of the lowest crime rates in Philadelphia. Although each area has a distinct ambience and their unique beauty adds a curb appeal to prospective residents, they contribute to the energy that makes the city of Philadelphia an exciting place to live. Yes, there are plenty of places to live in the Philadelphia area.

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