History of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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History of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As being the sixth most populated city in the United States, Philadelphia is a place that comes with a rich history. It is home to a variety of historical sites such as Independence Hall, Liberty Bell and a significant amount of museums like the Museum of the American Revolution. It is where we attribute the birth place of our country and because of that Key on Spot Locksmith finds joy in serving this community.

Historical Growth

Known for being the “City of Brotherly Love”, the history of Philly starts in the early 1681 when William Penn was granted the opportunity to develop the Colony of Pennsylvania. PA began to thrive which led to many becoming attracted to the city. Towards the end of 19th century, the city found itself continuing to grow exponentially and became known as an industrial haven. Ben Franklin, was one of the most notable people to claim residency and eventually published the Pennsylvania Gazette. Up until 1830, it was considered to the the largest city in the country. By that point, it had provided manufacturing for a large part of the world. Currently, the city has a population of approximately 1.5 million. Within the city, there is a lot of diversity with people being represented from multiple groups. African Americans and Whites make up a significant portion of the city’s population while the Hispanic and Asian population make up the additional 23%. The median age of the city is 34.

Things to Do

It doesn’t take long to discover that there is no shortage of things to do in the city. Outside of the universally known experiences like visiting Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, people can find themselves engulfed in food, museums, and festivals. There is also a significant amount of historical landmarks that one should take the opportunity to explore.


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There are a lot of must-have foods in Philly, especially with specialties like a cheesesteak, hoagie, and soft pretzels. There are so many restaurants that carries a special place in the hearts of the community and attracts a lot of visitors. Here are some award winning restaurants:
  • Persimmon Coffee – The best coffee pop-up
  • Huda – Best Sandwiches
  • Eva – Best Bakery


The city holds the top five art museums in the United States. It also has a variety of collections that are designed to the display of science, African-American culture, Jewish-American history, and literature. Seeing the Rocky Statue at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is among the “must do” list. The Museum of the American Revolution is also one that is rich in history.


The community looks forward to a plethora of festivals and sporting events every year in the city. Winter and Dilworth Park gives guests the opportunity to skate at the Rothman Orthopedics Ice Rink and visit the Cabin for hot chocolate. Restaurant Week, held in January of each year, gives people the opportunity to explore many of the top restaurants. Wawa Welcome America includes multiple days of celebration over America’s Independence. Other annual Events like the Cherry Blossom Festival, Longwood Gardens Festival of Fountains, and the Army-Navy rivalry known as “America’s Game” are also popular and have become an integral tradition to the community. There is a lot to the history of Philadelphia and it comes with so much to offer and there is a lot to appreciate with having a city that has been part of the beginning of the United States but also seeks to preserve that history.

Local Locksmith

Key On Spot Locksmith offers Locksmith services throughout the entire city. Located at Philadelphia, PA 19125, we pride ourselves in the ability to bring innovation to a traditionally old industry. We are licensed to serve and strive to continuously satisfy our customers.

What Services Are Offered

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Our services expand from standard lockouts, key replacements, and security system installations both residentially and commercially. In the event of locking yourself out of your car, restoring security or tending to a broken window in the event of break-ins, emergency services are available 24/7. We would love to discuss your locksmith options with you. Our technicians are well trained and prepared to meet all of your needs.

We offer Locksmith services all over Philadelphia, PA

Key On Spot Locksmith brings innovation and modern technology to an old industry. From a common lockout to extensive security overalls, our technicians are the key to your locks, so to speak. We are located at Philadelphia, PA 19125. our service vehicles are equipped to handle auto, home, and business jobs at your location. We provide quality service and products using state of the art technology. Give us a call today at (267) 296-1026. We look forward to helping you.

Weather in Philadelphia, PA

Weather in Philadelphia, PA

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