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There are instances when a key may get stuck in the door. In such an instance, you need to hire a locksmith. As a resident of Philadelphia, you may want to learn more about the cost of hiring a locksmith. In this guide, we’ll ensure you understand howCollege Football Jerseys Iowa State Football Uniforms florida state football jersey micah parsons jersey johnny manziel jersey asu jersey custom football jerseys micah parsons jersey custom made football jerseys custom made football jerseys custom made football jerseys brock bowers jersey brock bowers jersey College Football Jerseys custom made football jerseys to calculate and analyze the costs that come about when you hire a locksmith.

Some of the factors you need to consider as you hire a locksmith include:

1. Reputation

You should consider the reputation of the locksmith first before hiring them. Is the locksmith held in high regard by the people who’ve hired them before? You should look into some of these things. If you fail to do so, you may end up with a locksmith who seems qualified but they lack a good reputation.

2. Cost of Services

You should consider the locksmith cost. How much will the locksmith Philadelphia charge for the services they’re offering?

A locksmith usually adds value to your life. As a result, you need to select the right professional for the task at hand. There are different things that you’ll have to consider, such as the locksmith cost near me.

3. Experience

Experience matters. An experienced locksmith has dealt with different types of locks, and they’ll have an easy time serving you. At Key on Spot Locksmith, our locksmiths are experienced, and they usually update their knowledge on locks regularly.

The Cost of Hiring a Locksmith in Philadelphia

On average, a locksmith will charge you $152. The price can go up or lower depending on the locksmith and the type of services you need. For instance, you may want one of the door locks in your home changed.

The rough estimates usually indicate that when you contact a professional locksmith to assist with opening the door or change the door lock, the charges will be $35 or more. The final cost is dependent on the number of door locks you need to be changed, installation, and how complex the design is. The $35 is meant for responding to service calls.

The prices will range from:

  • $75 per hour during the regular hours. During after hours, the locksmith will charge $95
  • $75 covers one hour
  • $75 for a car and the price goes upwards from there
  • $80 for lockout services
  • $75 for the house
  • $100 for a lock change

The prices listed above are the lowest the locksmith near me will charge. Keep in mind the prices can go up depending on the complexity of the task at hand and other factors.

The Cost of Hiring a Residential Locksmith

A professional locksmith ensures you won’t experience any tension because of issues that are lock-related.

On average, the residential locksmith will charge:

  • Lockout services- $64
  • Drilling the door during lock installation- $150
  • Changing the door locks in your house- $80
  • Replacing house keys- $50
  • Opening the door- $30
  • Extracting a key- $75
  • Duplicating a key- $1 to $10

Lockout Services

Have you been trying to unlock the door desperately after getting locked out of your house? Then you can get in touch with a locksmith within Philadelphia. We have listed the cost of locksmith services for different types of services, and you can check the prices first before proceeding.

Automotive Locksmith Cost

A locksmith that deals with automotive can help to unlock a car instantly. They can also assist if your keys get stuck in the ignition. If you try to remove or turn the key after it gets stuck, it can break while inside the ignition. Thus, you need to hire a certified and trained locksmith to assist with the key retrieval process. They can assist with fixing the ignition switches that are damaged because of the jammed key.

The average costs for an automotive locksmith are as follows:

  • Car lockout services- $60
  • Changing the car locks- $75
  • Extracting the keys- $75
  • Replacing a keyless fob- $150
  • Rekey services- $75
  • Key programming- $90
  • Car key replacement- $70

On average, the automotive locksmith will charge $60 when tasked with unlocking a car. To open the car’s trunk, they’ll charge $85 or more. The cost of door opening on average is $75. You should not blame yourself for recklessness. Always keep in mind some locksmiths are easily accessible, and they can assist even in an emergency during the after-hours. However, the cost of locksmith services during after-hours may seem exorbitant. Nevertheless, you’ll get the assistance you need.

Final Thoughts

For those wondering how much it costs to hire a locksmith, we have listed the cost of the services offered by residential and automotive locksmiths above. The prices listed above are not fixed. Depending on the locksmith you’ve hired and the complexity of the task at hand, the cost of services will either be higher or lower.

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