Our recent locksmith project in Philadelphia involved the installation of new locks on the doors of a large commercial building in the downtown area. The building, which housed several businesses, had recently undergone a change in ownership and the new owner wanted to ensure the security of the building by replacing the old locks with new, high-security locks.


Our locksmith Philadelphia team, consisting of three experienced technicians, arrived at the building early in the morning to begin the installation process. They started by removing the old locks from the doors, taking care to preserve the integrity of the door frames and hinges. Once the old locks were removed, the technicians measured the doors and door frames to determine the proper size and type of new locks to be installed.

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After reviewing the measurements and consulting with the building owner, Our locksmith Philadelphia team decided to install a combination of high-security deadbolt locks and keyless entry systems on the main doors of the building. These locks offered a higher level of security compared to traditional locks, as they were equipped with advanced security features such as reinforced strike plates, anti-drill plates, and bump-resistant mechanisms.


Our locksmith Philadelphia team also installed keyless entry systems on the doors leading to the individual businesses within the building. These systems allowed businesses to control access to their spaces using a code or a key fob, rather than a traditional key. This added convenience for the business owners and employees, as they no longer had to carry around a physical key.


The installation of the new locks and keyless entry systems took our locksmith Philadelphia team the better part of the day to complete. However, they worked efficiently and carefully to ensure that the new locks were installed properly and functioned correctly. The building owner was pleased with the results of the project, and the businesses within the building were grateful for the added security and convenience provided by the new locks.


In addition to the installation of new locks in Philadelphia, our locksmith Philadelphia team also provided maintenance services to the building's existing security systems. This included checking and repairing any issues with the security cameras and alarm systems, as well as programming new codes and fobs for the keyless entry systems.


Overall, the locksmith project in Philadelphia was a success. The new high-security locks and keyless entry systems provided increased security and convenience for the building and its occupants, and the maintenance services ensured that the building's security systems were functioning properly. Our locksmith Philadelphia team received positive feedback from the building owner and the businesses within the building, and they were grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the security of the community.


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