Major Theme Parks Near Philadelphia

What better way to fill up your summer than with action-packed days in theme parks near you? If you are living in Philadelphia then you’re in luck. Philly is packed with adventure-filled destinations for you and your family. The best part is you do not have to drive far to find amusement parks in Philadelphia. We put together a list of interesting parks you should have on this summer’s bucket list. This is your ultimate guide to a fun-filled summer with your loved ones.

Summer in Philadelphia with your loved ones just got better. We put together a list of park destinations that will blow your minds. These parks are short drives away from Philadelphia, making ferrying the kids much easier. With this summer fun guide, you can never run out of things to do or see this summer. Philadelphia is littered with amusement parks and theme parks for kids as well as adults. There is a lot of fun to have for everyone.

Location: Egg Harbor Township

State: New Jersey

First on our list is a park that is perfect for younger children who can sing their nursery rhymes. Parents and children are ushered through the doors to experience a breathtaking experience as they live the stories and songs they sing at home and in school. What better way to bring childhood to life than by getting on a rocking tug boat?

Kids can get hungry at the most inopportune time. This should not worry you the park offers snacks for everyone in the family. You can find food outlets in The Watering Can or grab a bite from the park’s famous Gingerbread House Snack Bar.


Location: West Berlin

State: New Jersey

If your kids are obsessed with cars, trucks, and other kinds of vehicles, this is the park of your dreams. You kids do not have to wait until they are older to drive, not if you visit Diggerland USA. The theme park is a construction-themed, adventure-packed wonderland for tinker kids. Kids get to operate heavy machinery for fun while their parents sit back and relax. The park offers all clients a hard hat and lets them choose the machine they want to ride for the day.

Fun fact: The Park has a new attraction feature for young adults over the age of 18. The Digger XL is the new hit at the park. The best part is it is only an hour’s drive from Philadelphia.

Location: Langhorne

State: Pennsylvania

This theme park is perfect for kids who love Sesame Street. The whole family gets to meet and interact with their favorite characters like Elmo the Flying Fish.

New additions: The park has invested in a new street at the park. So you can be sure to explore a brand new neighborhood. The street comes complete with stores, Muppets, and Big Bird’s Nest.

Location: hope

State: New Jersey

This entry is a combination of the best theme park and the best water parks in Philadelphia. The park has everything you would expect to find in a theme park and more. If you like puzzles, then the maze is the perfect place to start your day. There are also coasters and a Pirates Plunge water slide for thrill-loving visitors. Kids also get to practice their acting skills. The park provides costumes and a few lines to practice. After which the kids get to show off their skills for 15 minutes of fame.

If you are not fun of being in the spotlight, the park recently introduced the Off-Road Safari Adventure. You get to ride a safari vehicle and explore the great outdoors. This park is just a 2-hour drive from New Jersey.

Location: Springfield

State: PA

Did someone say best indoor amusement park ever? The Urban Air Adventure Park is the best of its kind, offering all-year-round activities for you and your loved ones. The park makes an effort to introduce new features every so often to keep things interesting. Interesting features including a playground for the entire family and a huge trampoline park. The park prides itself in keeping all visitors safe so you can have fun without worrying about anyone getting hurt.

If you like wall climbing, then this is just the park for you. In addition, the park offers an adventure hub designed to push your body to the limit. Visit Urban Air Adventure for these and many more fun activities.


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