The 2016 GMC box truck is a great vehicle to have in any work fleet. It has plenty of room inside for both cargo and people, with the ability to carry up to 1 ton of goods thanks to its weight distributing frame. Its outside dimensions are also perfect for any tight parking spaces you might encounter on your daily routes.

But what if you lock yourself out of your 2016 GMC box truck? There’s no need to worry because our professional locksmiths can get you back into your 2016 GMC box truck without damaging it or using expensive new parts.

What to do if you lock your keys in your truck?

Electronic anti-theft systems and keyless ignition are to blame for an increase in locked-out drivers. American Automobile Association reports that they receive calls from over 4 million people every year who have had their keys lost or forgotten inside the car, which is up from around 500 thousand before these technologies became widespread among vehicle manufacturers.

Lockouts happen all the time, and for a lot of people, they can be a huge hassle. If this has happened to you before, then hopefully these tips will help make it easier next time.

Dial 911

The first thing that should be done is to call 911. This ensures that someone can send out a tow truck for your car- even if it’s at night or early morning hours when roadside assistance is unavailable.

Call a tow service

When you have no other options, most towing services will provide lock-out service. Call 411 for the nearest location in your area.

Get a temporary key from a dealer

A dealer might be able to give you a temporary key that can open the doors, but it won’t start your car. You’ll probably need both of those things in order for this plan work-the VIN number and proof that you own the car.

Always keep an extra key

The best way to never lose your keys is by stashing a spare in an easily accessible spot. You can buy small magnetic boxes that will attach on top of cars or leave them with someone who could rescue you if anything happens.

Consider buying a car with benefits

The power-lock button on your car can be a great security measure for when you’re in an emergency situation. If the key is inside, pressing this will not allow any unlocked doors to close without unlocking them first by entering their code or tapping out an unlock pattern with one of these pads located near each door handle. Some vehicles from Ford Lincoln Mercury have phone mounted keys that are used instead so they don’t need direct contact between metal objects and electronics while others rely heavily upon remote transmitters if users own telematics systems such as GM OnStar Hyundai Blue Link Mercedes Mbrace offered through all major automakers nowadays which allows owners’ smartphones act both ways – unlocking doors remotely via a toll-free number.

Vehicle lockout service and key replacement for cars, trucks, SUV’s

Don’t risk breaking a window and damaging your vehicle by trying to unlock it with a coat hanger or any other makeshift tools, instead, give Key on Spot Locksmith a call! We will send someone over right away who has years of experience and is equipped with all the necessary tools needed for such an emergency automotive service. They will arrive at your location within minutes and have everything unlocked in no time so that you can continue on with whatever plans were interrupted by this unfortunate event.

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