Key On Spot Locksmith is a local locksmith in Philadelphia that offers 24/7 locksmith services. From common lockout services to extensive security overalls, our technicians are at your disposal.


Recently, we provided a client with a lockout service in Rising Sun Ave, Philadelphia, as he had locked himself out of his own home. Normally, anyone under this circumstance would immediately panic but he did not. He was calm and collected, reaching for his phone and searching a "Locksmith Near Me" in Google. Our name popped up and he was glad that we were providing 24-hour locksmith services. We arrived at his location and immediately started working on duplicating his keys. We first recommended on the phone that he should install new locks as his keys may have been stolen, however, our client said that he forgot to take his keys with him when he left. After the lockout service and duplicating a new key, he said that if he ever needed to install new locks, he would call upon our services again.


At Key On Spot Locksmith, we pride ourselves on providing 24-hour locksmith services in Philadelphia. Our clients can expect quality service even at the most ridiculous hour of the night or day. We are available for all types of lockout services and we make sure that our clients will never be inconvenienced by calling us up at whatever time of the day.

What Is a 24-Hour Locksmith and When Do You Need Them?

So, you're standing outside your front door and you realize that you've lost the key. You start panicking as you don't have a spare key with you. What do you do now? Do you call every locksmith service in town to find out which one can come to your rescue the soonest? Or do you call your neighbor who knows a lot about locks, but, unfortunately, is working till late tonight? In such a situation, the primary thing you must do is to look for a "Locksmith Near Me" in Google and see if they offer a 24-hour locksmith service.


Hiring a 24-hour locksmith service, however, is the most effective way of getting out of this situation. So, when will you next need a 24-hour locksmith service? Well…

When You’ve Locked Yourself Out

There are a lot of reasons why you might find yourself locked out of your house or apartment. Maybe your kids were playing with the keys and accidentally locked you out. Maybe you’ve lost your keys and now need to call an emergency locksmith. Or maybe you’re just having a bad day, and the fact that your key broke off in the lock seems like the cherry on top.


When you find yourself stuck outside without a way back in, there are things to do and not to do. You should definitely search for a Locksmith Near Me and whether they have a 24-hour locksmith service, but don’t try to get into the property on your own. By taking matters into your own hands, you could be putting yourself in a dangerous situation. If you have a spare key or know someone who does, this is the time to use it; otherwise, it’s best to leave it up to professional locksmiths as they have the right tools and knowledge for this situation.

When You Have Broken Keys

A broken key is a minor inconvenience at best, but it can be a major headache if the key snaps in the lock, preventing you from being able to enter your house, car, or business. It's actually fairly easy to remove a broken key from a lock with the proper locksmith tools. However, sometimes it's just not worth the effort. If you've already tried to remove it and failed or if it's too difficult to reach or there's just no way to do it without causing major damage to your door or lock, you're better off calling a professional emergency locksmith rather than trying to find another way in yourself.

When You Experienced A Break-In

It's an unsettling feeling when you come home to find that someone has tried to break into your home. Maybe you lost track of time and returned later than you thought you would, or perhaps it was a hot summer night and you just wanted to take a cool shower. Whatever the reason, when you're greeted by a broken door, it's natural to be shaken. Immediately call 911 and then get a locksmith to your house as soon as possible.

Why Hire An Emergency Locksmith?

If you live in a big city like Philadelphia, you should be aware of the importance of choosing an emergency locksmith. In this kind of place, unpredictable problems occur very often, and you can get locked out of your vehicle or home without any previous notice. Unpleasant scenarios like this happen when we least expect them and it is important to know that there are professionals who will help you all the way.


In Philadelphia, there are a lot of 24-hour emergency locksmith companies which offer their services to everyone at the most affordable price. These services are not only offered when the client is stuck outside or locked out, but also in those situations where there is no time to waste. For example, if your old lock is giving you some problems or if you need to have it changed because it has been compromised by burglars and vandals.

Choose Key On Spot Locksmith!

Need an emergency locksmith? Just look up Locksmith Near Me on Google and you'll find us! At Key On Spot Locksmith, we are always here to help you with your locksmith needs in Philadelphia, PA. We offer a variety of services like residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith services. We are available 24/7 so you can always count on us in case of an emergency lockout situation. If you need a locksmith around the Philadelphia area, give us a call today!