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locksmith philadelphia

Residential Locksmith

Because every home security system is different, chances are watching a quick YouTube video won’t yield quite the same success rate as just calling a Residential Locksmith Philadelphia PA for your house door. If you try to use a DIY method like using a bobby pin or screwdriver, you will likely set off your home alarm or inflict irreversible damage to your lock

Commercial Locksmith

It’s one thing to protect your property. It is quite another to protect your most irreplaceable and valuable possessions. That’s why you need a safe. Safes are a high-security way to prevent the theft of your most important belongings.

If you need help with a safe, or you’re looking to improve the amount of protection you have available for your belongings, we at Key on spot locksmith Philadelphia PA are here to help.

Safes Installation services
Transponder key Locksmith service

Automotive Locksmith

If you need help during a roadside emergency or just want to make your vehicle more secure, give us a call for immediate services. We can help out if you have locked the keys in your car, lost your keys, or if your keys need to be reprogrammed.

We work on all types, makes, and models of vehicles so you can always count on us to take care of the job when you need it done FAST. Our Auto Locksmith Philadelphia will arrive on time with everything they need. Call us now and we will dispatch a technician right away.

Car Key Replacement

A dysfunctional or faulty ignition switch endangers both the driver and the passengers and could result in severe accidents. Your ignition could suddenly turn off in the middle of driving or the wheel could suddenly lock, steering you into the wrong direction. If you notice that something is wrong with your car key ignition, don’t hesitate to call Key On Spot Locksmith Philadelphia PA 24/7/365.

At Key On Spot Locksmith Philadelphia PA , we replace, repair, and rekey faulty ignition switches efficiently and at a price you can afford.

Commercial Safe Locksmith Philadelphia