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The Mistakes That Owners Make With Their Auto-lock Cars

Many auto-lock car owners often make costly mistakes. Car owners had to use metal keys to lock and unlock their car doors, gas cap, and trunk in the past. However, this is not usually the case if you own auto lock cars since they are equipped with an auto-lock feature that enables the car doors to automatically lock when on the road. For the caOSU Jerseys micah parsons jersey micah parsons jersey micah parsons jersey Ohio State Team Jersey detroit lions jersey custom made football jerseys fsu football jersey Ohio State Team Jersey Iowa State Football Uniforms Ohio State Team Jersey brock bowers jersey College Football Jerseys OSU Jerseys custom made football jerseys r doors to automatically lock themselves:

  • Your car’s speed should be at least 12 miles per hour
  • All your car doors should be shut

Most of the car models that have this feature have a keyless start and entry option. That means that you do not need to physically put the car key into the ignition to start it. Also, you do not need to put a key in your car door lock for you to open the car doors. All you need to do is have the key near the car, and the car doors will be unlocked. Also, you will be able to start the car engine from a considerable distance.

Many people find the cars with this feature very convenient. However, if you make a mistake, these cars can be problematic. Below are some of the mistakes that you should avoid if you own an auto lock car.

Forgetting Your Car Key Inside Your Car

Auto lock cars usually have self locking car doors. That means if you get out of the vehicle, shut the self locking car doors, and move away from the vehicle, the doors will lock themselves. Therefore, if you forget the car key inside the car, there is no way you will enter the car.

When such happens, you should not try to break into the car, which will trigger the car’s alarm. Instead, you should find the second car key and unlock the car. If you do not have the second car key, you should contact your car dealer and request them to open the car for you using their tools and software. A good locksmith company such as Key on Spot Locksmith can also help you open the locked car door.

Leaving People Inside Your Car

Leaving People Inside Your Car

You can accidentally leave people inside your vehicle, especially if you are in a hurry. If you leave them inside the car, and the car key is inside your pocket, the car doors will get locked. That can be dangerous since the passenger will be trapped inside the car. To ensure that this does not happen, you should always remember to leave the car key inside the car whenever you leave passengers in your car.

Not Properly Closing the Car Doors

For the automatic car lock feature to work, the car doors need to be properly shut. Therefore, if you fail to close your car doors properly, the auto-lock feature will engage, but your car doors will not get locked. On top of this, your interior light will remain on until you properly close the car doors. Therefore, if this happens after parking your car at night, you may find the car battery completely drained the next morning. An intruder can also get inside the car and take your belongings.

Having a Dead Car Battery

You can get out of your car and accidentally leave your interior light on. If this light remains on for a long time, your car battery may die. If your car uses an automatic locking system, you will not be able to unlock car -door when the battery is dead. That is why auto manufacturers advise car owners to ensure that their car batteries are in good condition.

If you get locked out of your car due to a dead car battery, you should have a locksmith unlock car door system. Key On Spot Locksmith is an example of a good Locksmith company that can help you. We usually offer emergency car door unlocking services, and we are available all day and all night long. We serve the people living in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

Auto-lock cars offer plenty of benefits. These cars usually have automatic locking systems that make them convenient. That means if you own this type of car, you do not need to insert a key in your car door-lock to unlock car door. When using this type of car, you need to avoid some of car owners’ mistakes. Some of the mistakes you need to avoid include leaving children inside the car and failing to shut the car doors properly. You should also avoid leaving your car key inside the car. If you get locked out of the car after leaving the car key inside the vehicle, look for emergency car door unlocking services.

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