Tips to Finding the Best Locksmith You Can Trust

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Tips to Finding the Best Locksmith You Can Trust

Whether you want to have your locks changed because you lost your keys or want a new lock installed for security purposes, it is essential to have the right company do it. Many companies in the Philadelphia area offer this service, but finding one that you can trust and rely on can be difficult. Below are some tips for hiring the best locksmith.

1. Reputation Matters

If you ask around friends and family about good locksmiths in the area, you will get several responses. It is usually a great idea to go with the company everyone says has shown up on time, was friendly, professional, and affordable. Going with a company that has a bad reputation is never a good idea. You will have to be more patient and ask around until you find one you can trust.

2. Check Reviews Online

It’s always a good idea to check out their website before calling them because it lets you see if they have all the information about their company easily accessible. Checking into whether or not they offer coupons online is also a great way of finding ways to save money when you need your locks changed or installed in your home or business.

3. Go for 24-Hour Services

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If you search for a locksmith close to you that offers 24-hour services, it is usually because your situation is urgent. It can be costly taking time off work and waiting around for someone to show up, so going with a company that offers 24-hour service will save you the trouble of having to do this. Before you call them, make sure they are reputable and offer reasonable prices as well.

4. Check the Prices

Of course, finding a professional and reliable locksmith is one thing, but it’s also essential to find someone who charges fair prices for the job. For example, if two locksmiths charge similar fees for doing the same work, go with the one that gives a better deal, like free estimates or discounts on certain days of the week. It may be hard at first because there are so many service providers in this field today, but it will all pay off when everything gets done quickly and professionally.

5. Go for a Locksmith That Offers Multiple Services

It is always good to find someone who offers other services besides locksmith services. For example, if they provide security door installation and repair, this can be very helpful in saving time and money. Several companies offer these types of services that it may be hard to choose one at first glance. So, when taking your time deciding who to hire, ask them about what they offer and check online reviews from other customers before making the final decision.

6. Go with a Company You Can Trust

A key thing to find out about any business is whether or not you can trust them. You need to find a company that offers the services you need, but if they are not trustworthy, it might be better to look elsewhere. That means that when you call for an appointment, someone shows up at the appointed time. If they give you a two-hour window and it ends up taking more than that, then something is wrong with their business practices.

7. Find Out How Long They Have Been in Business

The best company for locksmith services will be around for a while, able to grow, learn and improve from their mistakes as they go along. Finding one that has been in business for many years can also provide peace of mind knowing that your home’s security is in good hands if there were ever an emergency

8. Ask About the Materials and Tools They Use

Residential Services

If this is your first time working with someone for locksmithing services, you must be comfortable with what kind of equipment will be used on your property. Locksmiths should offer security solutions like deadbolts, high-security keypads and other features such as video surveillance cameras or fingerprint scanning technology. It all relates to the quality you want in exchange for what you’re willing to pay.


You want to find a locksmith you can trust because they will provide the best service for your needs and present the highest level of professionalism in their work. What are you waiting for? Contact us to book an appointment and learn about the services we provide. Our Key on Spot Locksmith company has experts who will get your locksmith needs taken care of quickly, affordably, and securely. Why not let our team take over so you no longer have to worry about it?

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